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Birthdate:Aug 26
Location:Michigan, United States of America
I also have a livejournal. My user name over there is redstar826

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agnosticism, american history, anti-censorship, anti-discrimination, anti-homophobia, anti-racism, anti-sexism, archives, art, atheism, bad religion, books, candy, chapstick, charles darwin, christianity, cities, civil rights, coffee, comedy, contemplation, conversation, cooking, critical thinking, culture, current events, dark humor, debate, debating, democracy, democratic socialism, detroit, devil's advocates, diego rivera, doubt, drawing, dykes, editorial pages, elections, equality, espresso, essays, evolution, extra hot sauce, family, femininity, feminism, fine tipped pens, food, free speech, freedom of speech, frida kahlo, gay rights, gender, george orwell, girl geeks, haruki murakami, herbal tea, history, homosexuality, honesty, human rights, ideals, ideas, imagination, intelligent women, labor history, labor unions, learning, lesbian, lesbians, libraries, local history, loners, long letters, long walks, love, making lists, metro detroit, michigan, mike ness, music, natural selection, nature, nerds, no drama, non-fiction, npr, obsessive behavior, opinions, oral histories, pack rat, people watching, philosophy, photographs, poetry, political art, political science, politics, pro-choice, progressive politics, punk music, queer, queer rights, queer women, questions, radicalism, rainy nights, reading, reality, reason, religion, research, revolution, rise against, sarcasm, satire, secular humanism, sexuality, shoes, skepticism, sleeping, sleeping in, snark, social distortion, social movements, socialism, society, spanish civil war, strong coffee, sushi, talking about religion, tea, the bible, the simpsons, thinking, truth, useless facts, walks, women, women's history, words, world history, writing
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